Dr. Charles P. Leblond
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF

Born: February 5, 1910, Lille, France
Died: April 10, 2007
Education: Ph.D - University of Paris; Ph.D - Sorbonne; Ph.D - University of Montreal; M.D. - McGill University, 1941
Category: Cell Biology and Anatomy

Dr. Charles (or C.P.) Leblond was born in Lille, France and began his career in medicine and science before coming to McGill University in 1941. Dr. Leblond holds doctorates from the University of Paris, the Sorbonne and the University of Montreal. From 1957 to 1974, Dr. Leblond was Chairman of McGill University's Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. He has been responsible for the development of a number of essential techniques advancing the field of anatomy and cell biology. The technique of autoradiography has been critical in allowing researchers to visualize radioactively labelled tissues and/or cells under the microscope.

He has published over 300 original articles covering a wide area of histology. He made particularly important contributions in understanding iodine metabolism and the function and turnover of cells lining the interior wall of the intestines. Dr. Leblond has for more than four decades been Canada's leader in cell biology and anatomy and his students now populate some of North America's best departments of anatomy and cell biology.