Dr. William E. Gallie
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF

Born: January 29, 1882, Barrie, Ontario
Died: September 25, 1959
Education: (Spent time training in New York)
Category: Orthopedic Surgeon

After spending time training in New York, Dr. Gallie returned in 1906 to Toronto to join the surgical staff of the Hospital for Sick Children. He was a brilliant and innovative general surgeon with a particular expertise in orthopaedics. He devised numerous new methods in surgery, including the transplantation of bone, the implantation of tendons, and skeletal traction in the treatment of fractures and dislocations of the spine. For many years, Dr. Gallie trained surgical residents in the traditional informal way, before establishing the first formal programme of post-graduate surgical training in Canada in the 1940s. He was also instrumental in convincing Sam McLaughlin of General Motors of Canada to endow a foundation to support Canadian surgical trainees studying abroad. Dr. Gallie was awarded honorary doctorates by three universities, including the University of Toronto, and the Gold Medal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.