Sir William Osler
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF
© Irma Coucill and the CMHF

Born: July 12, 1849, Bond Head, Ontario
Died: December 29, 1919
Education: M.D. McGill University
Category: Clinical Medicine

William Osler finished his M.D. at McGill University, buoyed along by a dynamic personality and immense personal magnetism. After further studies in London, Berlin and Vienna, Osler returned to McGill with definite ideas on how clinical medicine could work more efficiently and with a greater human touch. It took less than ten years of outstanding work at McGill before Osler was successfully courted by the University of Pennsylvania. The administration at Penn gave Osler carte blanche to develop clinical medicine as he saw fit. Five years later, he was given the same mandate by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Osler led a generation of young doctors away from the textbooks and directly to the bedsides of the afflicted. For many years, his textbook on medicine "Modern Medicine" was the standard text. He finished a brilliant career as Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford as Sir William Osler, a baronet.